‘Need for Speed’ Calls Toyota ‘Nerds’ For Not Including Supra

A lot of people are looking forward to the 2020 Toyota Supra. However, if you’re also a gamer in addition to gear head, you won’t be finding the Supra – or any Toyota for that matter – in the “Need for Speed Heat” game scheduled to come out in November 2019. Instead, you’ll have the option between 13 BMWs, 13 Nissans, a Polestar and even a 1975 Volvo 242 DL.

When asked why the automaker wouldn’t be represented, Toyota UK said that “you can find our cars in ‘GT Sport,’ which doesn’t promote illegal street racing”. They followed it up with this thread:

Although the actual conversation and thread turned into legalities and phrasing, it boils down to the fact that Toyota doesn’t want to promote illegal street racing.

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