Nebraska Car Museum Is Selling Dozens of Vintage Chevys

Chevyland U.S.A is a car museum in Nebraska that is selling its collection of vintage cars and motorcycles tomorrow (5/6/21) without reserve after the museum owner’s passing.

Chevyland USA drew a crowd from across the country for decades until the museum unfortunately closed two years ago due to dwindling amounts of visitors.

Big Iron Auctions

“In the early days, the attendance was really good, but over time it got into the ’90s, the attendance kind of dropped,” said Al Hollertz, the current owner of the cars, told 3 News Now.

Just after its closing the museum and vehicles owner, Monte Hollertz, passed away. His son Al decided the time had come to sell the vehicles. The vehicles will be auctioned off thru Big Iron Auctions on Thursday, May 6. The cars range from 1910s to the 1980s, mainly Chevys as you might’ve guessed. However, there were a handful of other models at Chevyland U.S.A like an AMC Eagle, some imported ’80s diesel sedans, and a kit car based on a VW Beetle.

Big Iron Auctions

If you’re in the Elm Creek area, the museum will be open this week one last time to show off the cars and for people to see what’s available to buy. For a complete list of vehicles and parts being auctioned check out

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