Mustang GT Smashes Into Honda! Fail!!

Patience while driving is a necessity, especially before turning out into oncoming traffic. Some people can’t seem to wait though and get frustrated, then drive directly out into traffic which causes some pretty serious collisions. Why people do this, nobody really knows but it looks like in this video, the Mustang driver didn’t want to wait to turn.

You see a group of cars in the turning lane in the middle of a road trying to turn left. Heavy traffic is coming the other way, so all of the cars are waiting their turn to turn. It looks like a Hummer is about to turn left but suddenly stops because of oncoming traffic. The gold Mustang GT behind it decided to just go anyways, even though the Hummer is blocking the Mustangs view of oncoming traffic. This was a TERRIBLE mistake on the Mustang drivers part and this resulted in a horrible crash with an oncoming Honda.

As you can see, both cars were severely damaged but fortunately no serious injuries occurred in this crash. This is definitely a really bad fail on the Mustang’s part but what do you think about it? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!