Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Coming ‘Soon’ After Updates


After unveiling the original almost a year ago, Tesla’s about to unveil a new Cybertruck.

Most people remember the eventful reveal where Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen cracked the “armor glass” windows with a metal ball while trying to demonstrate their strength.

Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said there have been radical designs tweaked for production, which is slated to begin in Texas next fall. When asking for an update of the new Cybertruck, Musk responded on Twitter:

Musk noted there were several “small improvements” which included lowering the window line and leveling the character line, resulting in less of the wedge look we first saw. He also confirmed it will be made from the same type of stainless steel as the Starship from his rocket company SpaceX.

Tesla is hoping to offer the Cybertruck at a starting price of $39,990 for a single-motor, two-wheel-drive model with 250 miles of range. The top of the line tri-motor all-wheel-drive model will be listed at $69,990 and will be able to go 500 miles and tow over 14,000 pounds.

After GMC’s latest announcement that its electric HUMMER EV pickup is set to go on sale around the same time as the Cybertruck it also noted that the starting price would be $112,595. So given the choice, which would you go with?

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