Motorcycle Crash On Highway Turns Into A Double Fail!

Motorcycle driving on the interstate can be pretty dangerous. For one, you’re not only not protected if you fall but you’re also surrounded by a lot of cars going pretty fast, so anything can happen! In this particular video however, a rider somehow loses control without crashing into anyone else.

The video starts off where you see a motorcyclist driving down the interstate in the far left lane. Everything seems normal at first but suddenly the motorcycle begins to brake for some reason, which then causes the cyclist to lose control. This turns into a crash and the motorcycle falls over as the cyclist comes crashing to the ground. As the driver comes to a stop after he rolls on the street, the bike is still out of control bouncing around everywhere in the air. The bike then literally CRASHES directly on the riders head! Talk about a double fail!

Not only did this poor motorcyclist crash their bike on the interstate but their bike attacked them by crashing on top of their head after the crash. Good thing the rider was wearing their helmet! What do you think about this crash? Let us know in the comments and for more videos stay tuned on!