More Than 100 Corvettes Damaged In KY Tornado To Be Crushed

December brought destruction to much of Kentucky with storms and tornados. The GM plant in Bowling Green sustained damage and the automaker is planning to crush the 120 C8 Corvettes deemed the “Tornado C8s” that were damaged.

The storms put another dent in an already challenging time for GM when it comes to production. Thanks to chip shortages and supply chain woes, customers have been left waiting for their new Corvettes. Some of those hopeful owners are now receiving calls from their local Chevy dealers with news their vehicle was crushed and to re-submit their order.

And while there’s still a chip shortage in the industry, these vehicles will not be parted out – even for chips. Hopefully, the number stays at 120 as GM staff are still inspecting the remaining completed cars to make sure they are good to be shipped.

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