Minneapolis Now Banning Drive-Thrus To Help With Safety And Pollution

A few months back a county in California was looking to ban DIY work in your personal garage. Now, restaurants and businesses in Minneapolis, MN will be without drive-thru options going forward. The City Council passed an ordinance last week that bans all drive-thrus in new buildings, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Whether it be a bank, dry cleaner, or restaurant, customers will have to go inside the building. The hopes of this ordinance are that it will help cut down on pollution while also keeping sidewalks and pedestrians safe.

The ban will not affect current businesses or drive-thru proposals that have been submitted before the ordinance passed.

Residents in favor of the ban hope it will cut down on vehicle noise and idling, and make sidewalks safer.

People opposed to the ordinance say it will make access to businesses and restaurants more difficult for people with physical challenges.

Do you think this is a step in the right direction? Or is this a step backward in terms of accessibility?

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