Michigan Governor Acknowledges Smoking Tons Of Weed Could Help Fix Roads

Improving road conditions is a subject almost everyone can get behind. The problem is finding the money to actually do the improvements. So in her keynote speed, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer got real about possibilities of funding.

Whitmer acknowledged that residents are sick of the state’s terrible road conditions. And although not her preffered method of income, she reported a “pot for potholes” kind of deal based on the fact that she gets asked about using marijuana funds to fix the roads often. She actually ordered her staff to crunch the numbers.

Referencing the state’s 10% excise tax on its newly legalized recreational weed industry—a portion of which is allotted for infrastructure repairs, Whitmer said that “At its height, the taxes for marijuana will raise about $42 million dollar per year for infrastructure. We have a $2.5 billion dollar problem”.

So, clearly, it would put a big dent in that overall budget. However, her staff also found that every man, woman, and child would have to smoke about $2,500 of marijuana a year to fix the roads. If you take out underage people, that number goes up to $10,000 per year. And as Whitmer pointed out, “Let’s be honest, at that level no one’s gonna care about the damn roads”.

Instead, Whitmer has propsed a $0.45-per-gallon gas tax to fund Michigan’s roads.

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