Here’s How to Fix Your Muscle Car’s Sloppy Clutch Linkage

Our treasured muscle cars aren’t getting any younger. Aging can show itself in various forms, like sloppy clutch linkage that won’t permit positive shifts anymore and stiff clutch pedals that are hard on your left leg. McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Kits solve the problem. They provide smoother clutch operation for faster, easier shifting, and reduced pedal effort. They also allow the hydraulic clutch bearing (sold separately) to self-adjust as the clutch disc wears for less maintenance.

Keep Your First-Gen Chevelle Nice and Cool with a Better Radiator

Griffin Exact Fit Radiator Combo will keep your 1964-67 Chevelle running cool during those hot summer months. The radiator is a drop-in replacement for the factory unit, and features a MegaCool core with two rows of 1.25-inch wide tubes that provide 25% more cooling capacity than radiators with two rows of one-inch tubes. You also get dual 12-inch electric fans; an aluminum shroud; wiring harness; and a radiator cap for a seamless installation.