Michigan Becomes Third State to Approve Digital License Plates

Just like all-electric vehicles, digital license plates are a new futuristic concept slowly but surely making their way into the mainstream. Michigan is the third state (along with California and Arizona) to approve the use of digital plates that allow the owner to customize and renew right from their smartphone.

Helmed by Reviver Auto, the plates allow for immediate registration renewal, personal customization options, displaying a “Stolen” notification, and even vehicle tracking. When user data is on, the company maintains that all personal data related to the plate is fully safe and encrypted, and the plates themselves even feature anti-theft features.

Of course, expect to pay up for this new-age license plate. With prices ranging from $499 to $599 for battery-powered and hard-wired plates, there’s also an annual $55-$75 installation and registration costs.

There is also a monthly subscription option. The battery-powered plates go for $19.95 per month for 48 months, or $215.40 to pay for all four years. Hardwired plates have a similar plan for $24.95 per month for 48 months, or $275.40 for four years.

This could be a deterrent for some as your standard metal plate is included in your registration cost for most states. But if digital plates become an option in your state, the option is ultimately yours.

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