Michael Jordan’s ’96 Mercedes S600 Lorinser Sells For Over $200,000

Beverly Hills Car Club

This was a slam dunk of a sale. The 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 was seen in “The Last Dance” and was originally owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan. It was listed on eBay and sold for $202,200.

Beverly Hills Car Club

During an episode of the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance,” which chronicles the end of Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls you can see the basketball star driving the car.

Beverly Hills Car Club

The Mercedes was listed by Beverly Hills Car Club. It’s a V12-powered dark navy blue coupe that features a body kit, wheels, and dual exhaust by Mercedes-Benz tuner Lorinser. To top it off, it still has the built-in car phone that’s appropriately nicknamed “Jordan” on the display.

The car was listed with an opening price of $23 dollars in tribute to Jordan’s jersey number. The first bid, however, was $150,000. The winning bid of $202,200 was a premium considering the value of the car is close to $12,000.

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