Miami Flooding Puts Entire Garage of Supercars Underwater

Believe it or not, Hurricanes and high-end supercars don’t mix well. South Florida was on the receiving end of some intense rainfall that resulted in flooding throughout the state, ranging between 9 to 15 inches of water.

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While some heavy-duty vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs, and service vehicles were better-suited for these kind of wet conditions, some cars with higher price tags unfortunately are not.

This was the case following a video posted by the Florida Corvette Owners Instagram account in which at least ten supercars were found in an underground parking garage covered in dirt and grime with clear signs of water damage. Some of the affected vehicles include a Rolls-Royce Cullinans, a C7 Corvette, Ferrari 488, Ferrari SF90, Ferrari Roma, Plymouth Prowler, McLaren SLR, a Mercedes-AMG GT, and more.

Even though the most recent storm didn’t even qualify to be considered a tropical storm, it did manage to drench most of South Florida. It’s unknown what the total amount of damages the weather caused these vehicles. But for many of these with six-figure price tags, like a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan with an MSRP of $348,500, it’s very likely their owners might find themselves underwater too.

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