Man Survives EF-3 Tornado Throwing His Own Jeep At Him

After a week of intense severe weather, people are telling their stories and starting to asses the damage.

A man in Ottawa, Kansas found himself in the path of an EF-3 tornado last week with nowhere to hide. Terry Seymour is now recovering from a broken shinbone after a whirlwind of events.

The 47-year-old was driving on K-10 when he came face-to-face with an EF-3 tornado that had touched down.

“I had gotten the alert on my phone, and my wife sent me a notification that the tornado was on the way,” he told local news KDVR.

He pulled over on the side of the highway and attempted to get out of his Jeep to lay in a ditch. However, the wind was too strong so he thought he might be better protected if he crawled back near his vehicle.

“At that time, it felt like it would safer at the Jeep, having at least a little bit of a windbreak because, even halfway down the ditch, I was still getting clobbered with the winds and the rain,” he said.

But then the SUV went airborne. The Jeep came crashing down on, breaking his shinbone, before it rolled toward the ditch. Once the wind died down, a good Samaritan named Tracy stopped and waited with him until EMS arrived.

Seymour’s son and wife are happy he’s alive and in good spirits. He’s just grateful that his family wasn’t in the Jeep with him.

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