Disrespectful People Keep Leaning On His Corvette, So He Taught Them a Lesson

still from Eidan Sanker's Corvette prank
still from Eidan Sanker’s Corvette prank

Owning a flashy car like a Corvette is more than just a machine. There’s a personal, emotional connection that is involved to where it can feel like it’s your child. So if you see a complete stranger act disrespectfully around your property, it can feel like a personal insult.

Because car shows are grounds for lots of social media opportunities, it is not uncommon for people to snap photos in front of cool cars. But occasionally, there will be people who will lean up against your car (that you worked tirelessly for) without asking permission. After having enough of this nonsense, one Corvette owner decided to respond to these selfie junkies by taking advantage of his remote start with satisfying results.

“Don’t touch my car”, says Eidan Sanker, the owner of a vivid purple Corvette C8 before he spooks unsuspecting bystanders with the roar of its naturally aspirated 6.2 L V8 engine.

Owning a Corvette can be a double-edged sword. Because this car is such a magnet for attention, lots of people want to take pictures with it. Even though it can be taken as a compliment, there should always be a level of respect and courtesy shown to the owner of the car. Unfortunately, because so many people keep leaning on his car, Sanker decided to film their reactions as he remotely revs its engine, alerting them to remove themselves from the Corvette’s vicinity.

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Of course, some people just don’t learn, as Sanker has even more compilations of spooking people for leaning on his baby. Fair to say, it’s quite satisfying to watch justice unfold.

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