Watch This Driver Mistake This Corvette For Curb and Destroy It In Five Seconds

Typically when you are out driving a flashy sports car, you garner a certain amount of attention. They are guaranteed head-turners and get noticed by everyone on the street. Well… nearly everyone. Because in a video shared to CorvetteForum, we see a bright red C5 Corvette get flattened by an oblivious Honda Pilot driver in a matter of seconds.

The Corvette’s owner, Darwin Martinez, recorded the incident after he parked his car in front of a barbershop in Copiague, New York for a trim. As he was about to leave, he patiently waited as the elderly driver of a Honda Pilot attempted to claim the parking space in front of him. Unfortunately, the driver of the SUV failed to notice the Corvette behind him and slammed on the gas pedal, completely mounting the Pilot on top of the sports car. Martinez, who was in the driver’s seat of the Corvette, had jumped to the passenger seat to avoid potential injury.

“He just stepped on the gas so fast and started to back up so quick and went over my car,” says Martinez. “One second later, I see his rear wheels going through my windshield.” Within a matter of seconds, the complete front-end of the Corvette was completely demolished.

What makes this story even more interesting was that even after the incident, the elderly driver of the Honda Pilot still believed he was parked on the curb and not on Martinez’s car. “He was still trying to back up because he thought he was on the curb,” says Martinez. “I said, ‘sir, you’re not going anywhere, you’re over my car. You just destroyed my car.’ Everything happened so fast – he was so confused. He really thought he was over the curb.”

To make matters even worse, the driver of the Honda Pilot apparently was also unaware that he was driving with a suspended license.

It is unknown whether or not the Corvette can be repaired in its current condition, as Martinez is still waiting to hear the official word from his insurance on the final verdict. But we can at least take comfort that if it were not for Martinez’s quick thinking, this incident could have been much worse.

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