Man Looking For His Long-Lost Classic Chevy Impala Finds It Has Been Turned Into…A Barbecue


Or really rather a “car-b-cue”. Talk about disappointing!

Derek Carrol was on a quest to find his 1965 Chevrolet Impala he once owned and posted a photo of the car on Facebook in hopes of getting some information. And he got information on it, just not what he was hoping for.


Someone sent him a photo of his Impala-turned-grill. The car had been constructed using the front end of his Chevy with the original license plate still installed.

Carroll says he sold the classic car for $500 in 1980 to pay for his wedding and was shocked at the response to his post. To make matters worse, the grill had been sold some time ago, and the builder told him that he hasn’t been able to contact the buyer.

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