Man Drunkenly Joyrides In WWII Military Tank, Gets Arrested Immediately

Grand Theft Auto comes to life! In the town of Pajeczno in Poland, a man was arrested for taking a drunken joyride in a World War II-era Soviet T-55 tank.

Authorities reportedly responded to complaints of an odd rumbling through town. When they showed up at the scene, they stumbled upon the giant war machine in the middle of the roadway. Police arrested the two men at the scene, one being an intoxicated 49-year-old man who reportedly drove the tank through town.

Thankfully, nobody was injured and no harm was done to property during the incident. The tank’s driver is facing two years imprisonment for driving under the influence and an additional six years for “creating a dangerous situation.” It got a bit more complicated when it was found that the tank had no insurance policy and police couldn’t move the tank until they found another soldier capable of driving the tank.

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