Lamborghini Aventador Causes Wild Crash In London

Lots of people drive fast on the streets when they get a brand new, expensive and fast supercar. There are countless videos out there of supercar drivers crashing on public roadways. There’s a reason why some of these cars require driving courses when you purchase them. Not only do these cars have ridiculous amounts of power but they’re obviously designed to be driven on a track..not a regular road.

In this video we see a typical traffic video of a London street..for like a second. You can hear a loud engine in the distance and suddenly a Lamborghini Aventador shows up out of no where and hits a poor little car, causing the Lamborghini to actually go airborne, eventually crashing down the street. It seems pretty apparent that the Lamborghini driver wasn’t anticipating the car to turn in front of him as he was speeding down the street. Why he didn’t brake, is not known. He may have been driving so fast he didn’t have time to react. Who knows!

All that is known however is that this is definitely a fail and an expensive one at that! What do you think about this supercar failure? Let us know in the comments!