Lamborghini, Audi, and VW to Replace Cars Lost in the Felicity Ace Ship Fire

Roughly 4000 new cars by the Volkswagon Group were lost following a fire that broke out on the Felicity Ace cargo ship in February 2022. Shortly after the fires onboard were extinguished, the Felicity Ace sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near the Azores. The total value of the inventory lost in the incident is estimated to be $401 million dollars.

Because many of the vehicles onboard the ship were previously paid for, the Volkswagon Group announced that it will be replacing many of the high-end cars, which included 15 Lamborghini Aventadors. The Aventador was previously discontinued and each unit cost nearly $500,000 each.

“We are working to prioritize production capacity to ensure that the orders will be replaced as soon as possible,” a spokesperson said. “We will try to minimize the impact on customers as much as possible. With great effort we managed to re-establish the Aventador Ultimae supply chain to restore the missing cars.”

The VW Group assured U.S. customers that they will have their orders filled.

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann also announced that 1800 units lost on the Felicity Ace will also be replaced.

The same was said by Bentley Motors CEO Adrian Hallmark, who noted that the company aims to replace more than half of the 189 Bentleys that were lost by rerouting unsold vehicles from other locations. The remaining vehicles are expected to be replaced by the company within the next six months.

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