Kia’s New Logo Design Has Thousands of People Googling “KN Car”

2024 Kia Seltos

Kia, like many companies, recently went through a rebranding phase to move with the modern times. Part of that rebranding included a redesign of its famous oval logo into its current version. Unfortunately for many people, the new design can be a bit confusing to read.

According to search engine research statistics, there are on average 30,000 people every month asking Google what the “KN car” is supposed to be.

According to the data, searches for “KN car” began to pick up in March 2021, months after Kia’s new logo went public. It was also around this time when the Kia Stinger with the new logo badge hit the market. Meaning the new logo was already out on the road on the newest line of Kia’s, and other drivers had no idea what a “kn car” is supposed to be.

This same search pattern was also reflected in Google Trends, which also displayed similar results for “kn car” as well.

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