Jet Ski Getting A Little Too Close To A Container Ship

This is spooky!

Not sure why this guy is riding his jet ski next to a container ship to begin with. Seriously that doesn’t even make any sense considering how large a ship like that is and if you get pulled underneath the ship by the current, you could potentially get hurt by the propellers. Well, this guy obviously wanted to be a dare devil and go for it anyway!

We see the jet skier in the video ride towards a giant container ship, for what reason nobody knows. Anyways, when the rider gets closer to the ship, he then rides alongside the ship. Suddenly the rider seems to be knocked off the jet ski by the water current or something because the camera briefly goes underwater! This is when things get scary because this rider could’ve potentially been pulled underneath this massive ship!

Thankfully the rider was unharmed but it definitely looked like a close call! This incident is a perfect example to be careful on a jet ski and don’t ride so close to other boats! What do you think about this fail? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!