Jet Dragster Destroys Car In Seconds!

Not sure why this was done but it sure is pretty awesome to watch! In the event that someone left their car parked behind a jet dragster, this is what would happen. Now when jet dragsters blow fire out of the back, it can get super intense and crazy! The flames not only get wild but the sound alone can be deafening. CRAZY loud! But what do you expect with that much power?

In the video you see here, you see a jet dragster parked in front of a red car. Literally the second the dragster shoots flames out of the back, the car behind it goes up in flames and falls apart pretty quickly! This is crazy! The car goes up in flames and begins to become charred pretty fast. Talk about power! This dragster is literally a flamethrower on wheels. It’s kind of sad that the car in this video was ruined but it did make for a pretty nice video. If you ever get the chance to see one of these dragsters in action, be sure to wear hearing protection! These things are extremely loud!

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