James Garner’s ‘Rockford Files’ Pontiac Firebird Heads To Auction

The 1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 that was not only used in the James Garner-led TV show, “The Rockford Files,” but also owned by the actor himself is heading to the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Scottsdale, AZ on Saturday night.

The Sierra Gold coupe is one of three identical cars that were acquired by the production company for the show. You can even use it for your own remake of the show if you want, because it was the sound car and is still equipped with microphone inputs in the dashboard, although the rest of the recording equipment has been removed.

Fun fact: Garner, a well-known car enthusiast and racer, bought the Pontiac when the show went off the air in 1980 after six seasons and kept it for himself for about a year.

It changed owners several times after Garner let it go before it ended up in the hands of movie car collector Steve Reich, who gave it a full restoration and is now handing it off to the next owner.