Iowa police hold woman in labor at gun point

When an Iowa woman went into labor at 2:30 in the morning, she said the experience was unlike what she had with the other children she had given birth to.

Rachel Kohnen immediate woke up her husband, Ben, and they rushed to the hospital.

While doing 85 in a 55, the couple passed a police officer, who attempted to pull them over. Ben said he wanted to stop, but his wife ordered him to keep going.

"I didn't want to give birth to my baby in a car," she said.

The police chase went on for 15 miles. The couple tried to call 911, but police had taken measures to stop the couple's vehicle with spikes.

That's when things escalated. The couple was approached by several officers and ordered Ben and Rachel to get out of their vehicle.

At gunpoint.

"I thought she was gonna have the baby in the street," Ben said.

When officers realized what was going on, they gave the couple a ride to the hospital, where Rachel gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

According to WHOTV, Mason Police Chief Tom Ritts says no charges have been filed, but it's up to County Attorney to decide if that remains the case.

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