Interstate Nightmare, Custom Camper, Hauling Record, Robot-Murdering Tesla, And Kenworth Teams Up With Toyota

Today on PND…

• An Interstate Nightmare
• A Custom Ford Camper With A Sauna
• These Trucks Broke A Hauling Record
• The Future Is Here: An Autonomous Tesla Rolled Over And “Killed” A Robot
• And Toyota And Kenworth Are Teaming Up to Build Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

Falling Sign
This is one of those scenarios that’s terrifying but you never think will actually happen, kind of like it’s straight from Final Destination! An off-ramp overhead road sign came falling down on top of an SUV in Australia while it was driving down the road. Talk about timing. Another driver caught it on dashcam and luckily, the driver was OK which is crazy considering how close it was. Be careful out there!

Sauna Camper
Living on the road has become “trendy” over the last few years. Between “glamping”, decked out RVs, etc. there are a lot of directions you can go with it. However, sometimes, the vehicles aren’t as over the top as they seem on social media. But this 2000 Ford E350 turned sauna is the real deal. It was converted by Sportsmobile and is an actual functioning wood-burning sauna AND it’s for sale in Anchorage, AK. It houses a 7.3-liter powerstroke diesel V8 and the cargo area has been fitted with a propane range, fridge, water system and extra pop-top for headroom so you have nothing to worry about. They’re asking $95,000…would you buy it?

Hauling Record
There are all sorts of records for speed, distance, even burnouts like in the last episode. But this heavy equipment moving company broke a record by hauling the biggest piece of metal. And it’s big. It’s wider than both lanes on the road, taller than a house, and as long as a football field. AND it weighs 2 million pounds. To get it done they brought in 6 trucks and a specialized steerable platform to control it. It’s exhausting just watching them move this.

Robot Murder
You’re not reading things wrong. The future is here: a self-driving car murdered a robot. While at the CES show this week a Tesla S was in autonomous mode took out a robot. The “Promobot” is a robot that can be rented for $2,000 a day (which is crazy in itself) and was being transported to a display. On the way, it “escaped” and got into the road where a Tesla Model S took it out. The Tesla kept on truckin’ without looking back!

Fuel Cell Trucks
Move over, Tesla. Toyota and Kenworth are teaming up to build 10 zero-emissions, fuel cell-powered 18-wheelers. Kenworth will take care of the trucks and Toyota will handle the fuel cells. The trucks will haul freight all over Southern California. While on the road they’ll emit nothing but water and have a range of 300 miles. Do you think this is the wy of the future for the trucking industry? Let us know why or why not!

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