Insanely Awful LA Holiday Traffic Looks Like Festive Light Display

It’s nothing new that LA has ridiculous traffic. In fact, for natives it’s expected. And the holiday season only escalates that. This year, ABC News took an aerial video of the bumper to bumper traffic on 405. It’s honestly pretty depressing to think of how long people were sitting on the interstate just to get out of the city and on their way to wherever they’re spending the holidays.

But there’s always a silver lining, and this situation is that from the sky shot, it looks like an early holiday lights display. The solid red on the right and white on the left is actually kind of cool to look at (if you weren’t one of the thousands sitting in the “light display” that is).

And although LA is one of the most notoriously traffic-heavy cities in the country, the 405 is actually the busiest highway in any American city, according to Jalopnik. In fact, around 400,000 cars EACH DAY travel the road. So this is really no surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less torture.

How’s the traffic in your area? Worse around the holidays? Anything close to as bad as this? Let us know!