Impatient Tundra Driver Cutting People Off Gets Immediately Rear-Ended

We see it time and time again where jerk drivers get the instant karma that’s coming to them. This time, it’s a Toyota Tundra driver and F-150 driver involved in the collision.

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic. It’s a pain and wastes time. But it’s inevitable. However, this Tundra driver wasn’t having any of it and in the attempt to get ahead caused an even bigger mess in Garland, Texas. After trying to merge into the HOV lane at much slower speeds than traffic in the HOV lane, a Ford F-150 comes barreling into the lane. The Ford driver slams on the brakes but, unfortunately, the truck can’t stop in time and slams into the back of the Tundra. Luckily, no major injuries were reported for either driver. However, the Tundra driver will probably think twice before entering the HOV lane inappropriately again.

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