Illegal Braking, Canadian Limo, Chevy Admits Falling To Ford, Attempted Murder At BMW Dealership, Armored Hellcat, Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• A MotoGP Racer In Hot Water For Dangerous Stunt
• An Awesome Canadian Limousine/Snowcat Mashup
• Chevy Engineer Admits Mustang Is Killing The Camaro
• A BMW Employee Charged With Attempted Murder
• An Awesome Armored Hellcat
• And Top 5 Fast Fails

MotoGP Shenanigans
There’s competitive racing and then there’s Moto2 racer, Romano Fenati. While in a race in Italy last weekend, the driver was caught pulling the brake lever or fellow racer, Stefano Mazi. And while Mazi was able to maintain control (luckily) and nothing serious came from the stunt, Fenati was immediately disqualified from the race after citing irresponsible riding. The reaction from the industry was just as serious. His fellow racers recommended a lifetime ban from the competition and his time fired him before dropping him from his 2019 contract. Now, it’s reported that an Italian nonprofit consumer-rights group has reported the incident to a prosecutor’s office with the hopes of an investigation of attempted murder. What do you think is the appropriate punishment?

Canadian Limo
We love a good mashup between two unlikely vehicles. And this is a good one. The best part is it’s actually functional AND up for sale! Robert Falck out of British Columbia built this beast that is a hybrid of aa 1989 Cadillac Brougham limo and an old Bombardier SV250 Skidozer. It was originally built for a local film being produced in Vancouver but is now up for sale for the low price of $6,000. He fabricated a custom ladder frame out of square-tubed steel to attach the base from an older Bombardier SV250 Skidozer and the body from a 1989 Cadillac limo. Front skis attach to a robust rack-and-pinion steering system aided by a power steering cooler. A small-block Chevrolet V-8 engine sends power through a TH350 three-speed automatic to a one-ton truck axle. If you’re from around there and know what movie this is in – let us know!

Chevy Losing To Mustang
Chevrolet has come to terms with the fact that its Camaro sales are severely lacking when stacked up against Ford’s Mustang. After its revival in 2010, the Camaro was a crowd favorite. But they haven’t kept up in terms of supply and demand. For people out there, who can’t afford the V8 and packages like the ZL1 are turning to Ecoboost Mustangs and the like. The Automotive News Data Center reported that so far in 2018 48,362 Mustangs have been sold while just 29,551 Camaros have left the lot. The Chief Engineer for the Camaro acknowledged the issue, “Frankly, the Mustang’s been eating our lunch”. So if Chevy can get an entry-level car at an affordable price, maybe they’ll have a shot.

Attempted Murder At BMW
Plenty of employees don’t always see eye-to-eye with their bosses. But these BMW dealership employees took it to the next level. The manager of a Toronto dealership realized his water bottle was filled with engine coolant after taking a drink. He called the police and was treated with no-life threatening injuries, luckily. Unlucky for the employees, they were caught on the security camera taking the water bottle to the service area and filling it with a poisonous substance. They are now being charged with attempted murder. Probably would’ve been easier just to quit…

Armored Hellcat
The list of retailers manufacturing armored vehicles has just grown. Armormax previously delivered the world’s fastest bulletproof car in the shape of a Tesla Model S. And now the company has debuted a bulletproof Dodge Charger Hellcat. It’s completely armored down to the battery and fuel tank. It has flat run tires and of course, ballistic glass. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter V8 and reportedly AWD which could be interesting. It was designed for law enforcement but anyone can purchase one…would you buy it?

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