Ice Storm Caused a Parked Car to Slide Into A Police Squad SUV

For this year’s holiday season, the biggest concern on everyone’s minds was buying all of the right gifts before waiting until the last minute. However, the winter storm sweeping the U.S. has caused numerous problems for drivers everywhere. With some places facing low temperatures in the single-digits (and some areas in the negatives), snow and ice has become an increasingly more difficult issue. For example: Seattle has seen many of its roads caked in a sheet of ice, putting many drivers’ skills to the test, including parking.

In a video shared to Pacific Northwest Weather Watch, the owner of a Tesla Model S parks his car in front of his home. A few seconds later, it can be seen sliding downhill before hitting a police officer’s Ford Explorer Interceptor. It then proceeds to crash into telephone pole off-camera, as evident by the shaking telephone wires above.

Given that the Tesla was sliding at a very low speed, it is likely that nobody was injured. Even though it was believed that the Tesla’s parking brake was engaged in the video, there doesn’t appear really anything that could have been done to prevent the accident. Although it is common practice for car owners to position their wheels toward the curb while parked downhill in an effort to reduce chances of the vehicle from gaining any momentum.

This wasn’t an isolated incident either. Other videos on social media have emerged of other cars sliding downhill into others in the Seattle area.

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