Hundreds Of Colorado Drivers Gridlocked On Interstate After Street Racers Shut It Down

Street racers are back at it. This time, in Aurora, Colorado on I-225. It’s reported that somewhere between 600-800 cars were gridlocked on the interstate as it was shut down.

During the street racing shutdown, police also said there were reports of fireworks, smoke and weapons being waved. However, a bigger issue is the inability to get through in the event of an emergency.

This was brought up during this event in particular as a hospital and children’s hospital was nearby. Anyone trying to get to these hospitals would’ve been stuck and in an emergency, potentially put a life in jeopardy.

While Aurora Police spokesperson Matthew Longshore said street racers are getting ticketed, there have been no arrests due to “COVID-19 restrictions in effect in the jails”.

This isn’t the first time the area has had an issue with illegal street racing. Local news stations report it’s been happening for years. And not only in the Denver area, it’s a problem across the country. Some cities are providing other outlets for racers. Detroit officers for example are allowing sideshows in vacant parking lots in hopes racers and stunt drivers will stay off the streets.

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