How To Prep Fiberglass For Paint

A lot of you are probably running fiberglass on your rides. And often times when it shows up it’s not the color you need it to be. There are a few extra steps you can take with fiberglass to ensure the paint lays down perfectly.

The first thing is to give the entire piece a wash. You don’t want to use regular soap from the parts store but instead can use dish soap since it won’t leave any residue.

To speed up the process since it will need to be sanded anyway, a red scuff pad can be used to wash the panel instead of regular rags. Use nice, long strokes and the panel will be done a lot quicker. When done, give it a good rinse.

After it’s dry there is one last step. To keep static electricity down, an alcohol and water mixture can be sprayed across the top and let air dry.

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