How To NOT Park A McLaren: Driver Smashes Car Into Wall

Parking can be hard sometimes, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. It would be one thing if you accidentally did this in an old used car that you probably didn’t care too much about but a McLaren!?! That’s one of the last cars you’ve ever want to accidentally crash! Granted, some of these supercars have extremely sensitive pedals because at the heart of them, they’re just street legal race cars. Some of these cars even require driving course training before getting the keys so you don’t endanger anyone else out on the road.

Now it’s not really clear what happened in this video exactly but it looks like the driver just stomped on the gas while reversing instead of slowly easing into the parking space. What’s funny about this is the camera guys comment of “nice,” which is probably everyone else’s reaction. Surprisingly though, even after the smash into the wall, the McLaren actually didn’t look too damaged. Regardless, the paint on these cars alone costs more than most peoples houses, so that’s probably not cheap!

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