How To Modify A Custom Bumper

If you’re looking for an aftermarket bumper, Aries has a great selection. For the XOR project, Creep It Real, they went with the Rock Crusher Series bumper. And since their bumpers are so affordable, you can use them stock or they’re easily modified.

Aries bumpers are made from 1/4″ plate steel so it takes a little bit of power to cut through them. A Lincoln Electric Tomahawk Plasma Cutter does the job. For our project, Jeremy cuts the bumper right next to the reinforced portion that the D-ring mount is welded to. A cut-off wheel will give you a more precise cut if you need your cut to be perfectly straight.

The end cap can be re-used so using the cut-off wheel again will get the cut finished off. Since the bumper is welded all the way around, you’ll just need to clean off what’s left of the weld. Next, you’ll need to take the bend out of the end cap. Aries sends their bumpers in a powder coat finish so you’ll need to remove that in order to weld the end cap on.

From there it’s as simple as aligning the corners, putting a couple tacks in, and then burning it all home. Just like that you have your custom length bumper!

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