How To Identify What’s Causing Road Noise

We’ve all heard those unidentifiable noises coming from a vehicle while you’re driving down the road, either when your suspension is moving or you’re on the throttle. Here are some ways you can try to track down the problem.

First, start with your shocks. There are a couple different things you need to look for. There are 2 different styles of bushings. The bushings up top can actually wear out, creating a gap and making noise. On the bottom bushings, the rubber can actually push out also creating noise. To fix this you can actually replace just the bushings, and not the whole shock because chances are the shock itself is actually ok.

However, if the actual shock itself is actually leaking or rusting you will want to replace the entire shock rather than repairing.

If the noise is coming from underneath the hood don’t forget to check on those engine and transmission mounts. They are actual wearable items since they are two pieces of metal encased in rubber.

If you still can’t find out where the source of the noise is you can get yourself a chassis ear. You can put the transmitters where you suspect the noise is coming from and then when you drive down the road, you select your channel and take a listen.

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