Holley’s Sky-Ram Intake Manifold Has All of the Torque and Horsepower

Photo by Holley

Have you ever thought, “what would happen if my engine intake could redefine the laws of physics?” Then look no further than Holley’s one-of-a-kind Sky-Ram intake manifold. Truly a marvel of modern engineering, the Sky-Ram will shatter all future dyno tests and leave every big block in its waste with its 36-inch runners. Because you know what they say, “bigger is better.” Plus, you’ll never know when you’ll want over 300 lb-ft of torque just while idling.

The Sky-Ram is also compatible with Holley’s series of Plenom Top configurations including single or dual-quad 4150 or 4500 tops, traditional 90mm to 105mm front mount tops, and all side mount designs.

Holley will also include the Sky-Ram’s clearancing kit for free, featuring cardboard stencil, three used box cutter blades, and a 24-pack of crayons!

Check out the Sky-Ram’s full product overview below:

By now you’ve probably figured out that the Sky-Ram is just Holley’s April Fool’s joke. But you can enter to win the Sky-Ram intake manifold and Moonshot 20 Crosshair nitrous plate system by clicking here.

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