Here Are the Most Popular American Cars Overseas

Have you ever been overseas and seen your car driven down a cobblestone street in Europe or the rugged terrain of South America? Maybe the steering wheel was on the other side, but it got you to thinking – what are the most popular American cars globally, and why are their names different?

Although these vehicles contain the same base of popular cars in the states, the names are altered to appeal to car trends and fashions unique to the location. Also, some translations from English to their native languages don’t make sense. For example, a Chevy Nova in Spanish translates to “doesn’t go,” which isn’t ideal for a vehicle you’re trying to convince someone to buy a car that’s, well, supposed to go.

Let’s take a look at the most popular American cars abroad.

Ford F-150

All-new F-150 Limited in Smoked Quartz Tinted Clearcoat | Photo Credit: Ford

Ford F-150 has been the most popular truck in the United States since 1977, and it makes sense that it appeals to the masses abroad. It is known as the Ford Lobo in Mexico, where it boasts the highest number of sales outside the states.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus | Photo Credit: Ford

Ford Focus’s popularity abroad should come as no surprise. Ford sells 400,000 units to Europe each year, and 9.2 million have been shipped abroad since its release in 1998. Its size and fuel efficiency appeal to the European demographic because of its smaller streets and higher fuel costs. However, the best selling point is its quick handling and performance.

Buick Excelle

Buick Excelle GT | Photo Credit: General Motors

The Buick Excelle, quite literally, excels in the Chinese market. General Motors sells more in that part of the world than all Buicks combined in the United States. The car is also widespread in Australia, Canada, Europe, and India. Since the vehicles are provided different names depending on the market they’re sold in, Excelle is also known as the Daewoo Lacetti in Korea, Chevy Optra in Canada, and Holden Viva in New Zealand & Australia.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Mach 1 | Photo Credit: Ford

This is a no-brainer – the Ford Mustang is one of the most affordable and popular sports cars throughout the states and abroad. It could be a 1960s classic like the Ford Mustang Shelby or one of the newer styles, but demand has remained consistent since its introduction in the ’60s. It has reached all spectrums of the world from Australia to Europe.

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro LS &LT | Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Competition is healthy, and when Ford released its Mustang into the world, Chevrolet countered by developing the Camaro. Over time, the Camaro became a widely-respected sports car that rivaled its foe, and Europe became a hotspot for car enthusiasts to show off their American pride.

Ford Everest

Ford Everest | Photo Credit: Ford

The Ford Everest is a gigantic sports utility vehicle that is comparable to the Ford Expedition. It found a home as a heavy-duty truck in Asia, Latin America, India, and Saudi Arabia, which makes perfect sense for all of the sand dunes in the region. Everest, as the name suggests, was designed to tackle rugged terrain, just like the tallest mountain in the world where its name stems.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit | Photo Credit: Ford

Throughout Europe, the word “van” has become synonymous with the Ford Transit. If you’re traveling down the road in Germany or England, it’s nearly impossible not to see one at some point during your trip. Several variations have been created of the Transit, most commonly used as a work vehicle, it’s gained popularity as a taxi, ice cream truck, or recreational vehicle. It’s known for driving like a car, despite its size.

Cadillac SLS

Cadillac House China | Photo Credit: General Motors

Due to the luxury factor, the Cadillac SLS is well-received by the Chinese. The car is owned mostly by Chinese businessmen, and the cutting-edge technology found in the SLS. In addition to its stylish interior, it’s popular for those with extra money to buy luxury cars.

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