Heavily Modified Corvette Z06 Tries To Show Off..Almost Crashes Into Traffic!

Oh my..this is a common thing amongst a select few drivers out there who leave car shows. Driving like this should never be performed on a public road to begin with but unfortunately people do it and even worse, quite a few people crash while doing it. People like to show off while leaving car shows but some people honestly just can’t drive very well..and then this sorta thing happens!

This heavily modified Corvette Z06 is leaving what looks to be a car meet of some kind and immediately when the Z06 pulls out down the street, things get wild! The Corvette spins out of control and literally ALMOST crashes into an oncoming car! Yes, this is a busy area with lots of everyday traffic and this Corvette almost caused an accident with an innocent driver, which is just awful! What’s worse is that even though the Corvette just caused a scene, you still see other cars leaving in the same fashion. Not good! Thankfully nothing happened and this Corvette didn’t cause a crash but it almost did and that’s scary!

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