Halo Save, Project Creep It Real, Hennessey Heritage Mustang, Z06 On The ‘Ring, Biker Survives Cliff Fall, And Top 5 Fast Fails

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• Proof The Halo On F1 Cars Works
• You Could Be The Owner Of A Rock Crawling Machine
• The Hennessey Heritage Mustang Puts Out Over 800 HP
• The Nurburgring Makes A Z06 Another Victim
• A Biker That Drives Off A Cliff…And Survives
• And Top 5 Fast Fails – Corvette Edition

Halo Save
When the Halo was first out on F1 cars, drivers were all but on board with the design. It’s ugly and most thought it was a useless addition. But after footage of this crash involving Fernando Alonso’s car, people are thinking twice. It’s a close call that ended up with an OK ending for both Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc, thanks to the Halo.

Creep It Real For Sale

Off-road enthusiasts, listen up! The XOR build “Creep It Real” is for sale! It’s the very same Jeep Wrangler Sport that was taken and tested on the XOR Adventure and its next stop could be your garage! The 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport was rebuilt to be the ultimate rock crawling machine. And as you pour over all the details on this stout and professional build, don’t forget that this is one of the few that come with desirable comforts like A/C. It took true craftsmanship to get this kind of all-out JK Jeep. And best of all, because all the hard work is video documented, you can show off with your smartphone on your breaks from the trail. It starts with a full custom ExoCage brand cage. You know it was done just for this build because it even has the “Creep It Real” nickname welded onto the steel. It also has all the right exterior components for the ideal crawler, including Aries Trail Crusher bumpers, Body Armor JK doors, Mocha LED light bars, multiple GoPro mounts, and a Warn Zeon 12 Platinum Series winch with a strong synthetic cable. And while the classic cars are usually the ones who have the nice chrome, the KMC XD Machete beadlock 17-inch wheels add some style to the function. Check out Streetsideclassics for more details!

Hennessey Heritage Mustang
Hennessey recently celebrated its 10,000th car with a Heritage Edition Mustang. And naturally, it’s first stop was the dyno! The stock version of the car puts out a healthy 673 horsepower and 526 lb.-ft. of torque. But as usual, the guys at Hennessey wanted to up those numbers. And this car definitely proved higher numbers! It pulled 808 horsepower and 677 lb.-ft. of torque. Unfortunately, only 19 Hennessey models will be built and start out at $90,000.

Nurburgring Z06 Crash
The Nurburgring gets itself another victim! This time, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. After going into the right corner, it looks like speed isn’t the issue but rather traction and possible control. The car gets away and hits the barrier resulting in a decent crash. Luckily, all involved are okay. Cliff Fall Survivor

This one is pretty amazing. Twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Murray was out on his bike in Santa Monica when he took a turn at around 40 MPH which was a bit too fast and he flies off the cliff. He and his bike start the tumble to the bottom of a ravine 250 ft. below him. After he gets to the bottom his phone has flown out of his reach and he’s left with no other choice but to crawl his way back to the top of the cliff. Once at the top, he manages to flag down a driver and get an ambulance on the scene. He did an interview with Inside Edition in which he’s wearing a neck brace, but miraculously he seems relatively ok. Man, crazy footage!

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