Guy Tries To Get A Free Tow From A Bus but His Plan Backfires!

It’s a fact of life that cars break down at some point. It happens to everyone at least once. When your car breaks down, you’ve gotta call for a tow truck to help get it out of there! But what if you don’t have any money? Or you want to save a few dollars? Well in this video, this guy decides to get a free tow from a public bus to avoid calling a tow truck.

The video starts off with a guy out in the streets of Russia. He attaches a rope or cable to the front end of his car and then with the help of someone pushing the car, gets it close enough to the back of a parked city bus and attaches the cable to the back. The bus then suddenly takes off and the guys “try” to get into the car before the car finally crashes into a parked car! It’s at this point where a police car comes out of no where and turns their lights on!! Talk about karma! Now he’s got to pay a ticket AND the cost of damages to his car and the car he crashed into (and possibly damage to the back of the bus.) Should’ve just called a tow truck!