Guy Picks Up Car To Get Out Of Tight Parking Space

Most of us at some point have parallel parked on a busy city street before and know how hard it is to park sometimes. Sometimes it takes some real skill to get into a tight parking space and takes some real skill to be able to get out of it. How many times have you been driving down the street in a busy city and seen really tightly parked cars on the side of the road and thought “how did they do that?”

Well, the owner of this car decided that he didn’t want to even attempt to back out of this spot, because it definitely looked pretty difficult. Instead of attempting to drive the car out of the small space, he decided to lift the car up and move it himself! Granted, the car is a pretty small compact car but you have to applaud him for doing this. The guy then gets in the car and drives away like it was no big deal.

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