Grandson Surprises Grandfather With Restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air For His 81st birthday

Stories like these are always nice to see. Over the weekend, a Kentucky grandfather got a birthday surprise when he grandson presented him with a restored Chevy Bel Air that had been sitting in a garage.

Cam Dedman posted the reveal on Facebook with the caption, “He’s my best friend and truely deserves it.”

The great thing about this particular gift was that Dedman not only thought about the car as a gift for his grandfather but did most of the restoration work himself. Dedman said he wanted to be sure and “do it right,” so not only did he save money, but he sold his own car and worked much of last year restoring the classic.

Of course, family heard about the restoration and were there in the parking lot at the time of the reveal. And it just about moved everybody to tears. Dedman says he and his grandfather have plans to bring the car to local car shows. What a great hobby to share together and having a special car makes it even better!