GoPro Footage: Motorcyclist Flies Off Mountain Before Crashing 250 Feet Below!

The rider of this motorcycle found himself in some deep trouble when he crashed off the side of a mountain in Santa Monica, California. Somehow when the rider was going around a turn, the bike wasn’t leaning properly which caused him to FLY off the side of a mountain before crashing 250 feet below! The GoPro footage alone is just shocking and intense!

When Matthew Murray crashed down below after his bike flew off the side of the mountain, he quickly realized he was severely injured. He couldn’t reach his phone to call for help so he decided to try his best to crawl back up the mountain. With several broken bones, Murray somehow managed to crawl his way to the top of the mountain and eventually flagged down a driver to call for help. Fortunately Murray was rescued and is now recovering from several broken bones. He’s now given up motorcycle riding for good and focusing on his recovery instead.

This is definitely some wild footage and just proves that motorcyclists riding in the mountains with no guardrails should always ride with extra caution. What do you think about this? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!