The World’s Biggest Hummer is 21-Feet-Tall and Takes Up Nearly Two Lanes

Photo by @shhamadbinhamdan IG

Lots of auto enthusiasts love making their trucks and SUVs appear as big as possible using lift kits and monster truck tires. But one man from the United Arab Emirates has all of them beat.

Billionaire Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (aka “The Rainbow Sheikh”) of the Emirati royal family holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest Hummer, standing at 21-feet-tall, 46-feet-long, and 20-feet wide. The SUV is 3-times bigger than your standard Hummer, is fully driveable, and takes up nearly two car lanes.

The Hummer is part of the billionaire’s world record collection of 4×4 vehicles, which is 718 trucks and SUVs and is part of the UAE’s Off-Road History Museum, which is one of the several museums that he owns.

The Hummer itself is said to run on four diesel engines and its interior resembles that of a house. It even has a working sink and toilet installed on the lower level!

Based on the video above, viewers believe that the Hummer does not have any suspension and operates on some rear-axle steering.

This isn’t the only supersized vehicle the Sheikh owns. You can also find his monstrous Jeep Willys parked at the other museum he owns, the Emirates National Auto Museum.

Basically it’s the real-life Canyonero. The Simpsons have called it once again.

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