GM Temporarily Halting Production of Chevy Silverados and Sierra 1500’s to Reach ‘Optimal’ Inventory Levels

2022 Chevrolet Silverado LT

Although pickup trucks make up a huge customer base in the U.S., some large-name brands have had to put a halt on production for many full-size models due to many reasons that pester the auto industry. Ford had to temporarily pause production on its F-150 Lightning due to issues with their batteries. Now GM has announced that will be putting a temporary hold on its production of Chevrolet Silverados and Sierra 1500’s for two weeks at its plant in Ford Wayne, Indiana.

In a report by The Detroit News, the plant’s Assistant Director Cherry Weiland says this hold is “to help the company maintain optimal inventory levels.”

This pause of production was confirmed by GM spokesperson Dan Flores, adding that this hold will only apply to its plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana starting March 27th, 2023. Its other plants in Mexico, Canada, and Flint, Michigan will remain unaffected. According to Flores, the automaker intends to maintain ideal inventory levels at dealerships, and that production for these models is constantly fluctuating based on demand from customers.

The demand for new vehicles has remained at a constant high for the last few years, with many aggressive buyers purchasing vehicles ahead of time before they even arrive at their local dealerships. Plus, with the ongoing global microchip shortage continuing to plague to auto industry, transporting fully-completed vehicles off the production line and into dealership lots continued to be an uphill battle that many automakers believe will be alleviating in the near future.

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