Battery Issues Force Ford To Abruptly Halt Production For The F-150 Lightning For Weeks

Ford’s F-150 Lightning has queued itself up as one of the automaker’s most in-demand models upon its release. However, Ford had to temporarily halt production on the EV pickup truck at its famous Rouge factory in Dearborn, MI due to a potential issue concerning its battery packs.

According to a Ford spokesperson, they noticed that one vehicle had displayed a battery issue during its pre-delivery quality inspection. The investigation has prompted a temporary hold on the F-150 Lightning’s assembly line, allowing the automaker time to discover the main cause behind its battery problem. They believe the investigation will end by the end of the week, and they will apply what they have learned into updating the F-150 Lightning’s battery pack production. However, Ford believes that this could take a few weeks before going into full effect.

This news comes on the heels of Ford announcing its investment of $3.5 billion in a new battery production plant in Marshall, MI, which is about 100 miles south of Detroit.

According to Ford, production for these LFP batteries will help lower the cost of future EVs due to them not requiring as many high-value raw materials in their manufacturing. The drawback to these LFP batteries is that they do not hold as much of a charge and don’t perform as well in cold weather, as their counterparts.

This new battery plant is scheduled to begin production in 2026, but Ford intends on adding LFP batteries in new Mustang Mach-E’s in 2023, and in the F-150 Lightning in 2024.

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