GM Is Testing Tweel Tires In Detroit

Photos courtesy of GM

Tweel, or Unique Punctureproof Tire System, tires have been in testing for years now. Specifically, Michelin has been working on getting them on the road. But now it has GM on its side to develop a production-ready version. Tweel tires would mean that blowouts would be a thing of the past. That means no worrying about punctures or potholes!

You would think, “Wait doesn’t that mean selling fewer tires for Michelin?” And the answer is, yes. Michelin actually aims to sell fewer tires by rolling these into production. The goal is to completely get rid of tire maintenance for the average driver. However, being that it is the only manufacturer currently pursuing this technology, Michelin could have quite a while to sell units before other manufacturers catch up.

Michelin claims that about 200 million tires are scrapped before they provide a full use cycle by wearing out. This happens as a result of punctures, road hazards, or improperly inflated tires causing tires to wear unevenly.

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