Girl Wonders Why Gas Pump Won’t Take Her Cash

Kids these days…you have to love the younger generations, if not for anything but their entertainment. This girl and (presumably) her mom are at a gas station where the mom has given her $20 to fill up her tank. And the daughter isn’t a child, she’s clearly early to mid-teens. So after checking out the pump the girl comes back to the window with the $20 and asks “What do I do with cash, there’s no dispenser to put it in.”

You can tell the mom is holding back laughter but proceeds to tell the girl to figure it out. So the girl heads back to the pump to double check there definitely was no spot to insert a bill. After a few seconds of struggling, the mom finally gives in and tells her daughter she has to go inside and let the cashier know which pump to put gas on.

To top it off, the girl follows that up with “How does he know how much gas I need though?”. You’re welcome for the chuckle and PSA: teach your kids how to pump gas!