Georgia Man Wins C8 Corvette in the Lottery: Dealers Refuse to Honor the Deal

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray | Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Imagine overcoming the odds and winning the lottery, yet somehow still losing. That’s what happened to one man in Georgia after miraculously winning a scratch-off lotto ticket. The Georgia man didn’t lose his ticket or give it away on accident, it’s actually much worse.

We’re upset about hearing the story, so imagine how he’s feeling right now. When you win something of this magnitude, you should be overcome with joy, not stressing out and seeking legal counsel. The Georgia man was promised a C8 Corvette, valued up to $107,000 and $250,000 in cash. There’s one problem, all Chevrolet dealers in the area are refusing to honor the deal, for now, at least.

The mid-engine Stingray has been a hit for Chevrolet, and the Georgia lottery admits they didn’t realize how much of a challenge it’d be to find a dealership with one available. Uh, excuse me?

On the one reasonable hand, we understand that due to its popularity no one can get the car, but on the other logical hand, why are they offering it if they can’t follow through? Isn’t there one sitting in a mall across the United States waiting for its new owner to, you know, win the lottery?

“I already know what I want, a 2LT,” Kahler describes on a Corvette forum. He also mentioned that he wants a Rapid Blue Z51, which would sticker for $80,465,” leaving him with $26,535 in cash, a brand new Corvette, and $250,000.

Every dealership they’ve spoken to sings the same tune – “sold out for the foreseeable future.” The lottery found a dealership willing to offer some assistance, but they wanted an additional $10,000 markup over MSRP. As you can imagine, Kahler wasn’t pleased, and neither are we, which is why we won’t include the dealership’s name.

Dennis Kahler Facebook Post | Photo Credit: Facebook

“I used to be a general sales manager for a dealership, so I know how things operate,” Kahler mentioned. “I’m not giving up the money on my purchase by using them.”

Another dealership came out of the woodworks, and Master Chevrolet told Kahler that they’ll order a 2021 in the third quarter, but refuse to guarantee a delivery date.

Frustrations have boiled over, and Mr. Kahler has sought a lawyer. We’re unsure how this will play out, but we can all agree that the lottery commission made a huge mistake. Why they didn’t negotiate a car before offering it as a prize will likely remain a mystery. It’s safe to assume the person in charge isn’t a car enthusiast and is probably revising their resume after this blunder. “Ah, I see Corvette’s everywhere,” is probably what they thought.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray | Photo Credit: Chevrolet

If the lottery was offering a C7, this wouldn’t even be a story, but that’s not the case. The new C8 Corvette is the car everyone wants to be seen in and drive the streets.

We’re hoping for an amicable outcome. Next time, we hope that the lottery team thoroughly vets their offerings before dropping the ball.

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