Full Throttle Into A Turn While Go-Karting? Bad Idea!

Go-karting is fun and generally regarded as safe because you’re typically on a closed track. In any type of racing event, the risks are a little more minimized when there is a physical barrier keeping the rider from crashing off course. But just because there is a barrier doesn’t mean that if you do crash into it, it won’t hurt.

Take this video for instance. It appears to be a go-karting race in a parking lot somewhere with track barriers made out of tires. As the driver with the helmet cam is driving really fast down the track, everything seems to be pretty fun at this point. However when the driver comes up on a turn, another go-kart driver speeds past him and crashes into the tires! Tires go everywhere. Ouch!

The driver with the helmet cam then turns around and goes back to check on the rider. The woman driving literally flew out of her go-kart and onto the tires! Not sure what a bigger fail is here, going around the corner that fast or not having a seatbelt on in the go-kart. What do you think about this go-kart crash? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!