Full Scale RC Cars Can Also Be Driven Manually!

Thanks to our viewer, Bjorn Harms, for sending us these awesome cars that are able to be operated by remote control as well as driven manually. Definitely not something you see every day. Bjorn lives in Maastricht, Netherlands, and is a veteran of the Dutch army.

He has been interviewed by RetourVersleFutur.Com where you can find info on the DeLorean:

“I got the idea when I was 8 years old and watched the movie Back to the future 1. Just watching Doc controlling the DeLorean with a remote control always was a dream project for me. But it took me a long time before I was confident and skilled enough to pull if off. Over the years I have watched many youtube clips of people converting full-size cars to remote control, so it was not very special anymore.”

His second full-scale RC is KITT Replica. You can see info and details in depth on the car at StreetMuscleMag.com

“I was a big Knight Rider fan when I was a kid. I promised myself to buy a Firebird and build it as a KITT replica. I started working on cars and electronics when I was 19. The Internet is the best teacher, and I am not afraid to take something apart. I also broke and blew up some stuff over the years, but, that’s how you learn.”

“When I got older, I got more and more interested in Corvettes than KITT replicas. Owning a Pontiac Firebird KITT replica is brutal — Too nerve racking. So, add those three things up with a crazy mind, and you’ll get an RC Corvette. And the other part of it is that I love telling people my crazy ideas, even though nobody believed that I could pull it off. So it became a challenge.”

And he also has an RC C6 with interview and car details on CorvetteOnline.com.

“I haven’t done something like this before. I did ‘try’ something like it to my old C4 Corvette, but it wasn’t anything near a success, so I dropped the idea for a while. I came up with it by watching Back to the Future when I was a kid. How cool is that! Having a FULL-SIZE CAR as an RC car. Of course, it has to be a cool car! Or else people get bored REAL quick!”